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John is a recording engineer/mixer/producer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. In 2018 he and his partners built Blank Studios, which quickly became a leading recording facility in the area, playing host to some of the most exciting music to come out of the North East aswell as nationally and internationally.


John has more than a decades worth of experience as a touring musician, studio engineer, producer and live sound engineer. He brings his experience to bear with a philosophical and artist centric approach.


 'Every piece of music has it's own importance and artist intention is paramount. Music is a form of poetry and i see it as my job to help the artist speak as clearly as posssible'. 


He carries a passion for the art of recording in all forms - re-visiting traditional techniques or experimenting with new ways to be creative, capturing the complexities of a live in the room recording or carefully layering parts for a larger than life sound - he works with  with everything from Grunge/Indie/Retro/Alt Pop/EDM etc. to more realist/live styles of recording with Folk/Jazz/Experimental/Classical - from small ensembles to full orchestras. 


'I like to keep things exciting and dynamic in the studio. Balancing experimention and exploration with a smooth workflow is key to a great session, in my opinion.'

Some notable accolades:


Radio 1 Jack Saunders ‘Tune of The Week’ - Wisdom Tooth by The Pale White

Annie Macs “Hottest Track in The World” - My Only Friend by Nimmo

Number 2 in the official Independent Album Charts - King of Cowards by PigsPigsPigsPgsPigsPigsPigs

UMA Best Produced Album nominee - How Can We Fix This by Shields

iTunes ‘Single of The Week’ - Mezzanine by Shields

Lots of plays on mainstream Radio 1/2 etc.

Lots of high profile play listing on all major streaming platforms.

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